Do you need fitness in adulthood?

Do you need fitness in adulthood?

For some reason, many people think fitness is for the young and active. However, this is far from the case. Many fitness methods allow you to meet demands and reach specific goals at any age. Today we will talk about the so-called “adulthood”. In fact, the first period of maturity begins with 22-24 years, but today we will talk more about the second period when the evolutionary processes in the body begin to dominate: 36-60 years.

On the one hand, this is the most important period of life, when a person is engaged in self-realization: actively working, raising children, building a house, well, etc. On the other hand, in our body, there are age-related changes. While the brain is present at 100%, there is a decline in the number of indicators of physical development and the level of physical potential.

Do you need fitness in adulthood?


  • Change in body composition (decrease in muscle mass and increase in fat mass)
  • Decrease in cardiorespiratory endurance (increase in arterial pressure, decrease in potential of increase in pulse rate, shortness of breath in response to loading which was transferred earlier easily, etc.)
  • Decreased flexibility of joints, ligaments, tendons
  • Decrease in power potential

As a result, our metabolic rate decreases, and with it the weight increases, even though we eat the same. Decreased maximal strength and endurance, joint mobility. The body begins to react violently and recovers for a long time after the usual loads. Well, for example, go jogging or climb the stairs to the 9th floor.

A doctor can offer special training with a consultation on any club card. Depending on the goals and the performance of your body, specific physical activities and group activities that lead to results will be recommended.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of city dwellers today stop moving after graduation. This is primarily due to sedentary work, driving, and driving. As a result, the body does not take the usual and is assigned to it by the natural laws of physical activity. And our body is such a system that it saves money at every opportunity.

They did not burn calories – set aside, stop lifting weights – reduce muscles – they need a lot of calories to maintain themselves, they stop moving actively – the heart muscle and blood vessels forget how to properly respond to such loads.

they need a lot of calories to maintain themselves

If the body is in “greenhouse” conditions, it loses not only muscle mass but also the potential of the cardiovascular system of the respiratory system, hemoglobin decreases immunity decreases. With any unusual stimulus (load, bacteria, virus), it cannot adequately respond, and there is a malfunction – trauma, disease.

What conclusion can be drawn from the above? We must constantly stimulate our body, not let it “standstill a”, especially by leading a static or monotonous lifestyle. Progress is achieved only by constant periodic effects when we give the body a signal of the occurrence of adaptive reactions. The body adapts to new conditions, it knows that at any moment we can run it or lift weights. That’s why he keeps himself in shape.

What are the goals of fitness in adulthood?

What are the goals of fitness in adulthood?
  • The main goal is to counter age-related decline in physical performance and internal organs and systems. As a result, our basic metabolism, immunity, strength and cardiorespiratory endurance increase. There is correction of body composition and weight. These changes reduce your biological age and you start to feel a few years younger
  • Support for joint mobility, flexibility. And this is the main prevention of age-related changes in the joints – osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis
  • Corrections have already been made. For example, if you have back problems, you need to develop a muscular corset of the torso
  • Using different workouts for other purposes: any change in activity leads to an improvement in emotional state, you can learn to dance, make new like-minded friends, etc

We have a full arsenal of fitness clubs to achieve these goals with pleasure. Large selection of group training for any purpose and body preparation.

Special training may be offered by a doctor with a consultation on any club card. Depending on your body’s goals and performance, specific physical activities and group activities that lead to results will be recommended.